watch_later 01/11/17

I am an ecommerce seller hving listings of my products in Amazon, Flipkart etc. I despatch  many of the orders received through couriers like Fedex, DTDC. The courier firms issues GST invoice under SAC Code 9968, charging 18% GST. on a periodic basis.

My Query is need we deduct TDS while paying them ?. Please guide. As there seems to be different opinions. Some tell it comes under Goods Transport. While some say it is courier. As you might have observed, that earlier courier companies were dealing in documnets, samples etc. But after e-commerce sales has come into picture, their nature of service seems more of GTA / Goods Transport with door delivery.

Please enlighten us in this regards

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watch_later 02/11/17

Do you have any agreement with DTDC or other courier companies?

If no, then you are not suppose to deduct TDS.

If you are paying any amount to E-commerce companies may it be commission, sellers fee, advertising fee or shipping fee, you have to deduct TDS.


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