QUERY #1 - It is a rule that the GST (outward supply) Invoice is supposed to be printed in triplicate.

As per your online (very helpul) software, there is no mention of ORIGINAL, DUPLICATE or TRIPLICATE on the format.

Can it create any problem in future if any Tax officer raises question about it?

Also if we create invoices from MS Excel, there also if there is same situation, can it prove to be troublesome in future?

QUERY #2 - This is regarding the how to make entries of payment cycle. What to do if we use only invoicing and do not make entries for payments received or made?

QUERY #3 - How to differentiate the invoices as per the financial years? I used your tool for 2017-18, now I have to start it for 2018-19, thus what to do to segregate the invoices?



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