watch_later 06/01/18

Knowyourgst is very helpful and is helping public on topics related to GST.

Can you provide a list of some other blogs on GST? I know no one can beat KYG.

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watch_later 07/01/18

Yes,I think What Pulkit says is correct.

I have done many searches on GST but do find KYGST exclusivity.

Ofcourse Tax guru and CAclub are good . 

watch_later 08/01/18

Caclubindia and taxguru are not blogs, they are article distribution websites.

Knowyourgst is the only blog on GST providing personal opinion on GST by Pulkit Sharma.

I help him to answer the question on GST and other laws. But most of the articles are written by him with personal opinions.

I believe and have 100% confidence that Knowyourgst is the best blog for everything GST.

watch_later 06/01/18

Thank you for appreciating knowyourgst.

There are many blogs and website which are writing on GST. But KYG has specific focus on GST and this blog was launched with a purpose to help Indian public migrate to GST with ease.

I purchased this domain a long time back and started publishing articles from May 2017.

To answer your point, I do not there is any other blog specific for GST. But there are many other sites where you can find articles on GST.

  1. Taxguru
  2. Caclubindia
  3. charteredclub

These 3 are good in quality. I know most of the time cleartax comes on top in google but it is crap and I do not recommen reading its article, these are poorly written and misleading.

watch_later 08/01/18

Thanks Pulkit,

I think the design of KYG is better than most of GST blogs.

Non encumberance, elegant,user friendly, update informative, and of course ease of doing.

What else we look for?

Please share your views or a video should help on E way bill and how to obtain it, as I think most of new traders are not aware about this procedure.


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