watch_later 17/04/18

Dear Sir,

I have uploaded  the JSON file  successfully  for filing GSTR 4 return for the last Quarter  (Jan to Mar ).

But, in the summary generated through " Preview " mode, before submitting the return, I found that,  while the total value of purchases from unregistered dealer as per sheet " 4C " and the total value of turnover mentioned in sheet "6(TXOS) is found in the report,  the total value of purchases mentioned in sheet  "4a and 4b" for B2B purchases, is not there in the summary and only the number of records is mentioned.

Can I proceed to submit the return, ignoring this or what should I do to correct this error.

Pls. advice.

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watch_later 18/04/18

There has been a notification from government that people filing GSTR-4 for composition scheme need not to provide information in table 4A.

So you can upload return without providing details in table 4A of return.


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