watch_later 31/03/18

Many taxpayers were not able to FILE TRAN-01, despite *'SUBMITTING'* the same, due to technical glitches at the common portal.

Representations were made to the GST Council and even petition were filed for re-opening the window for filing Form GST TRAN-1.

To facilitate filing of Form GST TRAN-1 to the taxpayers who had managed to *submit* the same *within prescribed due date* but couldn’t file due to technical issues, *GSTN has enabled the filing option* to such taxpayers at the common portal.

Taxpayers with Form GST TRAN-1 status: “Submitted” but not filed can now initiate the filing using DSC / EVC at the portal.

Source: GSTSathi

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watch_later 31/03/18

Many tax payers had this issue, hope this will solve their problems.

Tax payers were not able to file normal returns also due to credit was stuck and portal was not allowing it.

Now they can file return and solve the issue.


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