watch_later 23/01/18

I submitted Trans-1 within due date and it showed as" processed with error" till 10.1.18. But now the processed with error status has vanished and I am getting "not filed " as the status. Will the submission within due date vanish automatically after due date? Can anything else be done on this to get input credit?

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watch_later 24/01/18

Due date for filing TRAN-1 is over. The last possible date was 27/12/2017.

If government reopens form, you will be able to file.

If you have submitted your return but not filed then your filing activity is not completed. You have to file your return and just submitting will not work.

There is no option to claim input credit, as due date for TRAN-1 is gone and if government decides to extend date you will be able to file.


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