watch_later 17/09/17

Learned friends, I Submitted my GSTR-3B (nil return) in August but could not File it as EVC or DSC were temporarily deactivated by authorities for malfunction.

Incidentally, being in the US since mid-July, I accessed through an india based proxy IP. Was on a long tour in the US until 14th Sept.

While still in the US, I tried to File GSTR3B for July submitted earlier, it was unsuccessful. It keeps returning an error "Error! Invalid return type" and does not allow declaration to be checked or file return.

That is not allowing me to Submit/File GSTR3B even for August. When tried, it shows an error with the message that July return in not filed.

Kindly suggest way out to fulfil my responsibility. Returns i have to file are all NIL returns.

Thanks in advance,

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watch_later 18/09/17

GST portal is down or malfunctioning most of the times. There should not be any issue, with a NIL return.

It seems, at the time of your trial the servers were down.

Try again and let us know the results.

Comment by Raghuveer Parekh is correct answer:

Have found the solution. Instead of clicking "File GSTR3B" (which was returning error), I clicked "Monthly Return GSTR3B". That took me to GSTR3B preparation and could file it with EVC. 


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