watch_later 29/12/17

Unable to File TRAN-1 within Due date due to error in identifying our VAT No by GST Portal. I was getting Processed with Error under status in 5 (C). Does GST allows to submit TRAN-1 again or is there any other procedure. Pls Suggest.

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watch_later 29/12/17

As of now TRANS-1 filing is closed and you cannot file it now.

It was not a mandatory form and as per act and rules should have been filed within 90 days of GST implementation but since system was not ready they already extended dates to 27/12/2017.

Hope they relaunch the form or open it for short period and you can file only then as of now you do not have any option to file this form.

watch_later 25/01/18


Hon'ble Allahabad HC has given direction to Dept to open Tran-1. We may expect tran-1 shall be opened shortly 


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