watch_later 17/01/18


Unable to file Tran-1 as there has been delay in arrival of Input tax credit amount in previous tax regime.  On filing of Same on 27th dec, unable to file the same in proper way and GST portal too worked slow. Is there any chance to file Tran-1 thro portal ie will GST Portal allow us to file the same.  If not alowed, what are the other remedy available in GST.

Kindly advise.

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watch_later 18/01/18

Tran-1 can not be filed now.

Due date was 27/12/2017.

As of now the form is disabled on GST portal and there is no option to file TRAN-1.

In future if government opens it for limited time, you might be able to file, but chances are very low since government had already given enough time.


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