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We have been facing this problem for the past 2 months, ie, since December 2017.

Our Client, who has not made any amount of Taxable supplies for the month of November, wished to file a NIL return (GSTR 3B) for the month of November. We were unable to file on time, ie on December 20th and hence Late Fee got attracted and our client made payment of the Late fee.

When we tried to offset the Late Fee Liability with the Balance in the Electronic Cash Ledger, the Payment of Taxes window was not shown. The portal was directly redirecting us to the Return submission window. Hence we are unable to offset the Late fee liability and file the return.

As we have not yet filed the return for November, our returns for the months of December and January too are pending and the Late fee is getting attracted on the non filing of the above returns.

Could you please help us out with the above mentioned issue. We have logged more than 5 complaints since December and also tried calling the help desk but to avail.

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watch_later 20/02/18

Rest your return and try to submit again. After submit tax offset table should appear.

Under which head you paid late fee? Late fee or normal tax?

It is strange that you are not able to offset liability. What error message system gives when you try to file on filing screen?

It seems to be technical error and unless GST tech team works on it seems difficult to resolve.

Can you share a screenshot of error message?


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