watch_later 30/01/18


i have gst no or provisional id but i cant access gst portal because user id and password don't ve   when my CA was filing DVAT in gst he use his email id or mobile no  i request many time please give me  user id or password or OTP in your mail/or mobile he refuse  or demanding more money which i cann:t given to you  he say then you forget your gst or any data related to gst...iam help less please help me  their is any way i can use my gst paper to work already long to go  i am work with my gst paper but help less

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watch_later 30/01/18

If you do not have your email id and mobile number then you cannot access portal.

However, it is your GST and you can get access even without mobile and email.

Write an application and along with your documents visit your department (LVO) and meet the officer. He can change your user id and password.


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