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HI sir,

In our company there are many cases of employee reimbursements, but none of the employees received bills in the name of the company instead they received bills in their own name. I will show all those inward supplies as supplies received from registered person as supplier GSTIN is available in the Invoice and i will add those invoice details in GSTR2A and those details will reflect in GSTR1A of my supplier, but anyhow that supplier will reject that Invoice as our employee has not given our company GSTN while invoicing for the supplies received from that supplier. Therefore how can i take credit of those supplies received      


Siva N

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watch_later 03/11/17

That is a practical issue that everyone is facing with GST.

For instance, I bought a computer for office use from a mall. They billed as unregistered buyer.

Now I have shown the purchase in GSTR2, and waiting whether they will reject or accept it.

I think it will be a good practice that every employee is given GSTN of company and reimburse the invoices only with your company GST number printed on it.


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