watch_later 24/09/17

What are the provisions if a chartered accountant signed more than 60 tax audits?

Is there any number where a CA signed more than 60 tax audits?

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watch_later 24/09/17

As per ICAI guidelines a chartered accountant can sign 60 tax audits. However at multiple verification by CAG it was found that many chartered accountants signed more than 60 tax audits.

Amazing one CA from North India signed more than 1000 tax audits.

CA Pralay Chakraborty justified his name and made Pralay by singing 2471 tax audits.

I have no idea what happened to his case!!!

There are multiple instances and occasions when CAs are charged with signing more than 60 tax audits.

The reason may be that there are more than 1.5 lakh chartered accountants but audits are only around 90,000.


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