watch_later 25/03/17

We have seen big confusion on this topic. Existing tax payers are being forced to migrate to GST by getting provision login Id and Password.

Departments are behind tax payers to migrate and are blocking their access to vat portals if not migrated. It is being speculated that 31 March 2017 is the last date.

Is it true? How can there be a last date to migrate when there is no law to govern this?

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watch_later 25/03/17

Basically this pressure is created by tax department to get good name for their department. There is no last date as of now.

How can you fix last date when there is no law notified yet. GST drafts are still not made public (Latest), when department officers are not sure how GST will look, it is really a bad thing to block access of existing tax payers if migration is not done.

I will suggest you to migrate so that you will have smooth transitional period once GST is implemented and notified. But yes, there is no last date without GST law.


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