watch_later 03/09/17

I know that knowyourgst has an invoicing application and I am using it for me and my clients.

It is really a nice application and thanks to Pulkit that it is made available to everyone with free usage.

However I just wanted to have an Idea whether there are other online invoicing application to generate GST compliant invoices and how much they cost?

I would like to have answers from those who have already used or using them.

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watch_later 03/09/17

Just like you I am also using KYG-Invoicing and love its simplicity approach.

Even if you never had accounting experience, you will not face any issue in using it.

Best for first time users and those seeking an easy solution for invoicing solution.

Regarding other available solutions I will rank as below:

  • Customized excel sheet
  • Tally
  • Quickbooks
watch_later 03/09/17

I will answer your question, as I have used many other invoicing application also.

First why I created KYG-Invoicing when I do not intend to make any profit from it.

Well, I personally do not like Tally. Yes, the favourite accounting software of India is not my favourite software for any accounting related activities.

In fact I am in accounting profession from past 4 years but never used Tally for my accounting activities.

I had previously created a complete accounting software in excel, which was fully automated. I maintained by accounting records in this excel file.

I could generate invoices and do all other stuffs using this excel utility.

As a practicing professional, I had good time in my hand and learned coding.

With GST, I faced a issue where many of my clients who did not want to invest 21000 for Tally but wanted something to generated invoices. Even it was good for me, since my office staff do not have to manually enter their invoices in GSTR-1 for uploading purpose.

Then I came up with KYG-Invoicing. At initial this was meant for the personal use and only for my clients.

But later I realised that people are searching for invoicing application and are not able to find a simple and easy solution.

So released KYG-Invoicing for everyone for free.

Regarding other billing applications, I have used Quickbooks for one of my client and I really did not like it. Though it is far better than Tally but not easier than tally.

Tally is easy, QB is a little complex.


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