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Today I need your opinion. You can help to create a world class accounting solution.

If you are an accountant or run a business, you should give your opinion. You will help creating a free and best accounting application.

As you already know that KYG-Invoicing is the free invoicing application which can be used by anyone.

It is developed as a passion (for coding). I know accounting, I know coding and KYG-Invoicing is result of that.

Now we need to improve it. Nothing is perfect, everything needs time to time evaluation and improvement.

You can help me to improve it further. If you are not already using it, you may use it in future.

I need your help and support.

Give 5 ideas on how to make KYG-Invoicing a world class invoicing and accounting application.

Give your ideas with explanation.

For example:

Idea 1: Add over due report

Give a report which lists the overdue invoices. It will help to track outstanding invoices for a longer period. Tracking overdue invoices is most important task as it has direct impact on working capital.

If you are reading it, give your idea and you can any day claim you helped to make this world class invoicing and accounting application.

I am open to any of your idea, your idea may sound crazy but crazy ideas changed the world.

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