watch_later 03/04/18

In the month of October-2017 GSTR-3B return filing, I overlooked and incorrectly entered “Export Services Invoice” amount under “3.1(c) - Nil rated / Exempted”, instead of “3.1(b) – zero rated”. Is there any impact due to this error and is it require to be corrected - if yes, then how.

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watch_later 03/04/18

Impact of wrong data entry

While filing application for refund, amount of exports is taken automatically from GSTR-3B.

It is advised to file return correctly.

You cannot revise GSTR-3B as this option is not available.

However, you can correct this mistake by showing correct sales in next month GSTR-3B.

You need to have proper documents to prove it to officers for claiming refund.


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