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Rahul Rai
watch_later 3 years, 5 months ago

Many institutes are running programes for certification course on GST. Whether you suggest such programs?

Will GST be really tough that one need to go through these certification courses which charges high fee?

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    Why to waste money? - GST Payer
    Are they really useless or will add some weightage to profile? - Rahul Rai
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Pulkit Sharma watch_later 3 years, 5 months ago

Whether you go for such certification course or not, the end result will not be impacted by this.

GST acts are pretty small, why don't you read these along with issued rules.

Alternatively many blogs and websites have good articles on GST. You want to know about registrations, google that you will get many useful results.

Most of the certification courses will give you an overall idea and at the end you have to read the acts and rules to master GST.

Technical stuffs such as using the GSTN portal is a challenge for those who are not familiar with computers. They can learn it easily by practicing returns filing etc.

With the cost you invest in these certifications, you can hire someone for a month or two who can teach you returns filings and other services your will consume on GSTN portal.

I am against these certification courses, well most of institutions have to generate revenue so for them it is an opportunity.

But why go for certification when at the end:

  • You have to read acts,
  • You have to read laws,
  • You will not be perfectionist unless you file returns or other information on GSTN regularly,
  • You have to be up to date with law.
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    I agree completely. Registering for any GST certification course will cost you on which returns will be low. Have you gone for any coaching and seen results without practicing on your own. These certification courses will give you a certificate with next to none or low knowledge addition. - GST Payer
    Then why many websites and institutions are advertising certificaiton courses? - Rahul Rai
    As CA Pulkit said they have to generate revenue and they are presenting GST as something very difficult issue. In fact GST will be easiest to manage indirect tax law. - GST Payer
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