My wife is making Handmade Silk thread jewellery, terracotta jewellery, Bead curtains etc.. The raw materials being brought from Raja Market,  Bangalore, in small quantity, where they will not give any bills.   Customers are relatives, friends and known people.  However, we would like to expand the business by listing the items in online market places and also through facebook, and decided to go with billing.   Now I would like to know, whether GST is applicable on these products, or do we need to register for GST.  What is the threshold limit of maximum annual sales turnover to become accessible under GST.

Asked 1 week, 3 days ago by Mahadev Prasad


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Going online then you have to register for GST. If you are going with GST registration then first thing have to do is to stop purchasing from unregistered sellers from Raja market as the GST that they paid on their purchase will be pure cost for you.

Limit for GST registration is 20 lakhs per year but registration is compulsory for online sellers.

Answered 1 week, 2 days ago by GST Payer

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