Gst Received / Paid In Itr3 P&L

Amit Rastogi
watch_later 4 months, 1 week ago

I am a regular GST registered dealer.

While filling P&L in ITR3 for AY 2018-19, there are items such as GST received (CGST, SGST, etc) on sales which are getting added to arrive at total revenue from operations on the CREDIT side. Similarly, on the DEBIT side there are items like GST paid (CGST, SGST, etc) on purchases. But in our books of accounts we would not include GST received or paid in P&L. Thus there would be aa mismatch between the two. Could you plz clarify and elaborate on the above case?

Sir please provide your email address. - Avijit Bera
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Avijit Bera watch_later 4 months, 1 week ago

Sir please provide your email address. 


Why you need his email. If you know answer, post it here. If he is impressed he will contact you directly. update your contact details in your profile. - GST Payer
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