How To Edit Or Revise Gstr-3b And Download Gstr-3b Return

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watch_later 2 years, 11 months ago

Latest GST update is that we can revise GSTR-3B and also download the filed return.

The option to revise a return has been made available.

Unfortunately the option to revise or reset is not available for those who already filed the return.

Tax payers who have submitted their return but filed are given a button to reset the return.

You can also download your GSTR-3B return.

To download GSTR-3B, first you have to click on View return.

Below image will open, you need to click on download return button to download your filed return.

GSTR-3B download


To reset your submitted return, you have to go to the return page.

A button named "Reset GSTR-3B" is available.

Click on this button. A Popup will open, confirm yes. Your old data will be deleted. Fill the return again and submit it.

GSTR-3B revision reset

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    what an irony, the non filers get benefit of resetting GSTR-3B... - Channabasaveshwar Topagi
    Yes no late filing fee for July to September. So one should have not filed the return and enjoyed. This is problem with GST council, GST is going to be succesful but in case it fails, GST council will be the culprit. - GST Payer
2 Answers

anonymous user watch_later 2 years, 11 months ago

Not able to download GSTR-3B. I tried yesterday but was not successful.

Any idea?

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    Yesterday was last day for return filing. So could be server issue. Try now and confirm whether its working or not? - GST Payer

anonymous user watch_later 2 years, 11 months ago

Why no option for those who already filed the returns.

Many forgot to claim input and now they cannot correct it?

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    Yes, the Govt. and GST council is playing foul with the dealers.. . . My assistant wrongly entered the input in Cess column and filed the return. Now, why i cannot reset the same. . .??? - Channabasaveshwar Topagi
    Those who did not file returns are luckiest. Honest and obedient are suffering. - GST Payer
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