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Your startup need a billing solution. Billing is not an overhead but main activity of any business. Having a good billing software helps you efficiently manage your business.

Whether to buy a paid or use free billing software?

As a startup, your main concern should be to control your costs. When it comes to software, not only billing but any software, 90% work is done on free products.

You read wonderful information on this website, it is free.

So, the decision between purchasing a paid product or going with a free solution should be based on value addition to your operations.

It does not make any difference if both products meet your requirements.

In fact, I never used any paid product for my billing requirements. I coded them.

I coded and made different billing software for my own use.

The first product that I made was in Excel. I used it for 2 years for my office and distributed to many clients.

After introduction of GST, I coded another billing software using PYTHON (programming language), I use this application for my own purpose and the very same application is being used by more than 6,000 users at the time of writing this.

So, it does not make a difference whether application is free or paid, only condition should be that it meet your requirements.

What functionality a billing software should have?

A billing software should help you manage your billing, reporting revenue analytics, track balance due, highlight overdue balance.

I am listing down the important functions that software should have, it is based on my own experience.

Application should be based on the DO IT ONCE concept. It should not ask to enter same data multiple times.

For example, the application should have the facility to store client data, product data.

To summarise the application should have following facilities:

  • Client Database
  • Product Database
  • Invoice Database
  • Receipt booking
  • Revenue Reporting
  • Due balance reporting
  • Data for tax reporting

Whether to use an offline product or online product?

Which one you like?

I personally prefer online tools, may it be for billing or any other use.

Online products have many advantages compared to offline products.

  • Online applications can be accessed from any place.
  • They are easy to use and to believe statics, online applications have better documentation and community to help.
  • Online applications are not place or system specific. Whether you use MAC or Windows, it does not matter.
  • They are cost effective. Offline tools cost more.

It is better to move with world, I have been using online tools for all my day to day stuffs and even for billing.

The sole purpose of coding KYG-Invoicing application was to help myself. Finally when the product was tested and trusted, I released to public.

I will suggest to go with an online tool.

However there are some disadvantages also associated with online tools.

Availability of internet connection is the main requirement. No internet, no access to your application.

How to reduce cost on billing?

As I said earlier in this post, as a startup the first priority should be to cut your costs.


Each action that take, or each transaction that you make, or each event that takes place in your startup should be executed at the least possible cost without compromising with quality.

I am a chartered accountant, but love coding!!!

I am a GEEK! Yes.

I learned coding for FREE on internet.

I learned web hosting for FREE on internet.

I learned online marketing for FREE on internet.

I use many tools for my work, this are FREE too.


Yes, internet has added many skills to my resume and it is time that I give FREE to use things to others too.

KYG-Invoicing is free and will be free for ever without compromising with quality.

Here is my contribution to your startup.

I give you one free tool to reduce your costs.

Start using KYG-Invoicing for all your billing requirements.

How you can thank me?

Well, as of now I am one man army for this tool. If you have rock star track in front end designing, help me to improve the entire website.

Here is a video to get you started.

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