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Do you run a self controlled small business?

If yes, then you must be looking for a user friendly and easy to use free billing software made for Indian users. Your search ends here.

KnowyourGST billing software is a perfect choice to get started with your billing.

Billing software is designed and coded by a team of Chartered Accountants, headed by Pulkit Sharma.

In this article, I will explain you why billing software is a perfect choice for your requirement.

Billing software for small business and startups

KnowyourGST billing software is made with a long term goal of empowering small businesses and startups to have a free solution for billing and accounting purpose.

Few features that make this software perfect for your business are:

  1. Maintained by a community consisting of chartered accountants and accounting experts,
  2. Easy to use - We have ensured that non accounting people can use it,
  3. Fast and secured
  4. Available 24X7, its online and so can be used from any place and at any time,
  5. Support at our QA portal - You can check category KYG-Invoicing, how fast we response and work on suggestions,
  6. GST compliant
  7. Free for life time, no hidden charges and no limitation on volume of transactions,
  8. Used by more than 6000 users,
  9. Market tested and user reviewed and
  10. GST filing reports with one click.

These are few features that were handy with me. This billing software is loaded with advanced features and in case you need any more features to be added, you can put your suggestions under KYG-Invoicing on QA part of site.

You own this Billing Software

Yes, literally you will own this billing software. Already I have mentioned that its an open source and community managed project. The moment you start using it, you become its owner.

You can actively participate in its further development.

If you are an IT expert and would like to offer your solutions, you can suggest changes and help us write code for this billing software.

If you are an accounting expert, you can help us improve it further.

Team behind this accounting and billing software has taken at most care to make it user friendly and scaleable.

You will not regret your decision, 6000 users are happily using it and are enjoying happiest moment of their professional life.

Free Billing Software in India

This software is completely free.

No hidden cost and no terms and conditions applies, you can use it for as many businesses as you want and can generate as many invoices you want.

There is no restriction on volume or usage.

  1. You can generate any number of invoices,
  2. You can book any number of purchases
  3. No limit on number of clients/vendors,
  4. No limit on receipts/payment transactions
  5. Generate GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 details at any time without paying anything

Now, you must have a doubt why we are so good?

Why we do not charge anything for this software, why KnowyourGST billing software is free?

Well, to explain this in more detail, normally an online billing software or for that matter any software will have following costs:

  1. Development cost,
  2. Consultancy cost,
  3. Hosting cost,
  4. Security cost

Even, we have these costs, however as of now KnowyourGST is able to match its revenue with costs.

KnowyourGST earns revenue from following services:

  • Online Advertisements,
  • Online services such as GST registration, Project Report and consultancy

KnowyourGST is also looking for sponsorship and hopefully we will get it soon.

Further, if you are extremely happy with our billing software you can consider a donation.

Future of billing software

Future of this software is bright.

With evaluation of GST laws, and number of people who have enrolled with GST, demand of software will increase in future.

A strong team is behind this software. With every change in law, we are updating our software to keep it relevant.

I see no problem in managing cost, so it will remain free and available for a long time.

Posted by Pulkit Sharma under KYG-Invoicing

A Chartered Accountant by qualification. Love to code and share knowledge. On a mission to create the largest knowledge library for finance and taxation professionals. Check Profile

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