watch_later 08/10/17

I am earning from Google Adsense and receive payment in USD.

Which bank you will suggest in India to receive adsense payments?

Currently I have account with Axis bank, however they ask me to sign a form everytime money is received and I want to change the bank.

Is State Bank of India (SBI) good to receive adsense money in India?

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watch_later 08/10/17

I also have few websites and earn from Adsense. I had previously account with Axis bank and SBI.

I had real bad experience with Axis bank and since then have always advised to avoid this bank.

SBI is good and you can go ahead with it. I had few issues with SBI, like I was not able to link my Debit card or bank account with Paypal and so did not link SBI with Adsense, as I make hosting payments through Paypal.

Currently I have an account with ICICI bank and believe me this is the best bank. No form signing, everything is managed professionally. Compared to Axis bank, ICICI bank is superior.

HDFC is not my preference as had to close account few years back. Actually Axis and HDFC, I had bad experience because of their attitude towards customer which is not appropriate.

I had written a FB post on my experience with Axis bank. Go with ICICI, you will not regret.


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