watch_later 02/01/18

As we know, union budget 2018-19 will be start on 30th Jan 2018.

I have following Suggestion.

  • Increase minimum tax limit of Income tax to Rs  5,00,000/-.- Option 1
  • Make one income tax return for one family with minimum tax limit of income tax to Rs.20,00,000/-. Option 2
  • Need to improve standard of government school , colleges & Hospital to motivate people to go there.
  • Need extra Income tax deduction for admission in government school & colleges
  • GST return frequency shall be Quarterly.
  • No Stamp duty charges , only Rs. 100/- for registration Fees & No Capital Gain tax on salaried person up to one house in family to improve real estate sector. 
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watch_later 02/01/18

Stamp duty is subject matter of states and central government cannot do much on it.

But yes capital gain is in hands of central government and government should concentrate on salaried employees.

watch_later 10/01/18

In my opinion VAT was also subject matter of state government before GST. 

So  Central government can do it sharing of stamp duty also if they really want to do.

Vijay Agarwal-Goyal, Pune





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