watch_later 28/12/17

I firmly believe government should extend due date of filing GSTR-1 for August, September and October months.

Due date is 31/12/2017, and GST portal is not working.

Can anyone confirm if he/she is able to file GSTR-1. From morning I am struggling with error - Download latest version of offline utility.

I have downloaded the latest version multiple times and still same message keeps popping.

If portal is not working properly, status of FILED is getting changed to SUBMITTED, shouldn't government be little liberal here!!!

What is your opinion?


Due date for filing GSTR-1 is extended to 10/01/2018.

GSTR-1 due date extention

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watch_later 28/12/17

Yes, I support your cause for similar reasons you gave.

None of my known people are able to file GSTR-1 because of same error - "Download latest version of offline utility for filing GSTR-1".

As I said again and again that late filing fee should not be imposed till March 2018.

watch_later 28/12/17

I am fed up with my job man. Nothing works properly.

10 minutes of work is taking whole day.

They have made GSTR-1 form so large. They are asking lot of information and form itself is very confusing.

Government should extend the date.

First they did not release forms on time, and now these technical errors.


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