watch_later 22/11/21

we selling flavoured @ 5 % GST its under the HSN 04090000 or with GST 18%  some GST department officer telling its coming under artificial honey with 18% GST, and they also don't know the full HSN code  if anybody know the correct HSN code for honey like ginger,tulsi extract added etc we are adding 0.1%

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watch_later 04/12/21

HSN 17029030-Other Sugars, Including Chemically Pure Lactose, Maltose, Glucose And Fructose, In Solid Form; Sugar Syrups Not Containing Added Flavouring Or Colouring Matter; Artificial Honey, Whether Or Not Mixed With Natural Honey; Caramel - Other Fructose And Fructo

Rate 18%


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