watch_later 21/03/20

Dear Sir,

We are facing as issue while loing to GST portal.

It show an error message "System error occurred. Please try after sometime.." from past 3 days.

if any body know how many days to resolve the issue or if any body know the solution pls advice.

Thanks & regards


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watch_later 22/03/20

It seems this is a server issue. GST website is a mistake.

You need to wait till the server issue is resolved. GST website is a result of bad programming, handled by infosys which seems to be incompetent.

Here are few steps you can follow:

  • Clear all caches from your browser
  • Clear all cookies

After this you should be able to login. If issue remains, contact GST tech team on twitter as service helpdesk is horrible and reply in several days.

watch_later 02/04/20

GST website is bad many a times due to programming issues & bad management. You can try twitter thats better as informed by Pulkit.



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