watch_later 20/04/18


If Invoice is raised in the month of March, if client does not pay till 20th of April, in this case how to file the GSTR3B?

1. is that we have pay tax amount ?

2. can we file the GSTR3b without making the payment?

3. what will happen is if cant pay that GST amount?

Please help me


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watch_later 21/04/18

If you have created invoice in month of March, then you need to pay GST charged on or before 20th March.

Without paying tax to government, you cannot file your return as liability needs to be settled before filing return.

Even if your client has not paid, you still need to pay this tax to government.

If you cannot pay this amount then you will not be able to file your return and late filing fee will start accumulating which as of now is Rs. 50 per day.


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