watch_later 19/10/18

i have requested for gstin cancellation in april 2018 where my business not required GSTIN.

The AO cancelled it now but my business made it compulsory


is it possible to apply for new GSTIN NOW (will i get same Number?

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watch_later 27/10/18

Dear Bhalakrisshnan,

You can apply for new registration and you will be provided with separate unique GSTIN different from the earlier one. 

Provisions: You may also note that as per Section 30 of the CGST Act, 2017 any registration if it is cancelled by the AO on his own motion, then the registered person can apply for revocation of cancellation of the registration with in 30 days of cancellation order. 

By this we can conclude that you have to obtain/apply for fresh registration.

Thanks and Regards,

CA CS Arpan Bohra


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