watch_later 01/03/18

Just like our Invoices, is it possible to take the print out of our POs to the Suppliers.

Also, BoS is not allowing to use IGST (greyed out) but BOS is allowing to take the print out

Help required

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watch_later 01/03/18

PO or quotations are not available yet. I am working on it will make available soon.

In BOS you cannot charge tax. So no tax options are available. BOS is non taxable invoice issued by those selling under composition scheme.

Any how for one company either invoice or BOS will be applicable.

Sorry for asking this question but what is Bill of Supply? (BoS is Delivery Challan? - Please clarify)

If we need to place a PO on our suppliers (in the application - you are considering both suppliers and customers as one and you are giving in the BoS the option to print with the Logo but you are not giving the Taxation in that.

Correct me if I am wrong, the way you are considering the suppliers and Customers under one head - why can't you do the same thing in Invoices so that Invoices module can be used by you for raising the POs on the suppliers (in Invoices - we will get the cash flow into the Organization and in the Supplier's PO - the cash flow will go out from the Organization).

Once again you are doing a great job and all the Best


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