watch_later 26/02/18

Dear Sir,

Nature of Business Code 0703 - Consultancy Service Applicable for ITR 4 for FY 2016-17 under 44 ADA ? I filled return request you to confirm.

Kindly advice.


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watch_later 26/02/18

Yes consultancy service is professional in nature and 44ADA is applicable. You can file your return 50% profits from your gross receipts.

watch_later 26/02/18


Persons engaged in any of the following professions are eligible to opt for 44ADA 


• Legal

• Medical

• Engineering

• Architecture

• Accountancy

• Technical consultancy

• Interior decoration

• Other notified professionals

* Authorized representatives

* Film Artists

* Certain sports related persons

* Company Secretaries and

* Information technology

Thus check first your eligibility and opt for his section


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