watch_later 07/03/18

Some time back, while sending money (in USD or Euros) for importing the software, the Banks used to ask for CA's letter also to be attached with the proforma invoice and the regular forms which needs to be filled to the Bank (I remember the Form as Form 15A/B)

Now I was told that there is no requirement of this form but my Banker (which is Axis Bank) is still demanding this from CA.

Can you please clarify this and also once we pay this - how to bring this invoice into the gambit of GST - where or which form has to be filled so that it is considered that transaction has come into GST system?


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watch_later 12/03/18

As per revised rules, Form 15CB will be required only if payment exceeds Rs. 5 lakhs. So you need not to take 15CB. But 15CA has to be provided to bank. Fill part A of form 15CA online and provide it to bank.


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