watch_later 26/10/17

I am trying to file my return.

Though government has waived the late filing fee on returns but I am not able to file my returns without payment of late filing fee.

If government has waived the late filing fee then why do I to pay the fee?

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watch_later 26/10/17

Well, there are 2 things you should know. GST return submit and filing are 2 different things.

One is all about submitting details which get stored in GST database and cannot be changed and another option is filing your return.

Once you submit your return, data is locked, and you cannot edit it. You have to move ahead with this data only.

So if you have submitted your return before waiving announcement, the late filing fee will be sitting in your return data and you have to clear it by paying the late filing fee.

So you have to pay the late filing fee and file the return.

Anyhow the same fee will be refunded to your ledger.

watch_later 05/11/17

I have submitted my late fee which was charged for August. Still the portal shows late fee and I cannot file my return 


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