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Respected Sir,

Inspite of knowing the provision that we have to charge 5% gst on Freight being charged by GTA on RCM basis .I in the mindset that others were not doing and not paying on reverse charge basis i too avoided it for my clients too.Now to be frank sir i want to pay 5% gst on RCM basis on freight charged by GTA but i want how excatly we have to show it under GST 1 and 3B and how we can pay. I m worried if i m not paying it by now gov may levy penalty plus interest and ask me to pay from the very start.I want to pay from  july onwards and if possible please guide me by sending screen shot where i need to show in forms 

      Please do the needful

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watch_later 19/02/18

You can combine all your GTA charges and pay tax in current month return.

You need to pay tax along with interest at 18% pa.

You can claim input tax credit later.

RCM is to be shown in GSTR-3B first table under supplies under RCM. No details to be given in GSTR-1 but in GSTR-2, you need to give invoice details.

After payment you can claim input in next month return, under RCM ITC.


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