watch_later 15/05/18

Currently I am watching Karnataka Election results and it seems none of party getting majority of seats.

Is Modi Wave over?

I think Modi government failed at every stage may it be GST, Demonetization, Corruption, Ease of doing business, Terrorism etc.

I think 2019 will be tough for BJP.

Edit: BJP to form government in Karnataka.

Seats as of now 114, need 112 to form government.

What is you opinion?

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watch_later 15/05/18

BJP going to form government in Karnataka.

Modi Wave is still going strong.

watch_later 15/05/18

Modi wave is not over. Congress was strong in Karnataka but still BJP is ahead of Congress. Lets wait till 10 when things will be clear.

Though BJP may not get majority but will be biggest party in this election.


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