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Dear sir,
Kindly help me urgently, the notification regarding the issue of Credit note in the case of post supply discounts.My doubt is while issuing credit note by our supplier,Gst also added to that and are we liable to pay GST.
E.G:                                   A                                                                  B
                                      (SUPPLIER)                                                (BUYER)
                     general discount allowed to B.
                     No prior agreement, Cannot be 
                     possible to trace bills separately 
                     and no input reversal.
                    A issued Credit Note to B
                   ( oNLY for Discount Amt?                                          Liability of B against this credit note.
                   Or  Amt+ GST  )                                     Is liable to pay GST , against the cr.note for general Discount
Correct notification // Rule of Gst is needed in support of this?
Sunil Kumar Pattuvakkaran 
Mob :9656103874
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