watch_later 22/08/23 was launched with an aim to provide tax related information to public in simple language. Over the time Knowyourgst has become one of the largest website used by tax professionals and businesses.

Knowyourgst is not working with profit motive rather it is an initiative to spread knowledge and information.

We had discussion with various practicing professionals regarding difficulties in marketing their services. As a practicing professional, you are not allowed to directly advertise your services. However, you can indirectly market your services through various means. By keeping this in mind, we have launched an Expert section on knowyourgst.

You can list your firm for free. We do not charge anything to promote listed firms. You can keep your firm on top by earning expert points on knowyourgst forum.

How to get clients?

Monthly 1 million people visit knowyourgst website and are actively looking for consultants. By listing your firm, you can market your services to them. Expert section is a classifieds style listing platform and comply with guidelines of various institutions.

What makes, our Expert listing different is that we do not charge anything to promote your firms.

The only way to promote your firm is by engaging in Knowyourgst forum.

By engaging in forum discussion or posting topics in forum you will earn EXPERT POINTS. Firms listed on Expert panel will be sorted and highlighted based on your expert points.

Further, we do not collect any commission or fee for any clients you get from website. Clients can directly contact with you, using your email address.

List your firm today, and promote it with your knowledge.

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watch_later 23/08/23

To summarise it:

  1. Its highly useful for young professionals, who do not have much contacts and without spending money want to market their services.
  2. Member with high EXPERT POINTS will be featured on top with changed background color to highlight.
  3. No money will be charged ever.

Every month 1mn people visit knowyourgst, you will be directly marketing your services to them. Knowyourgst will market your services to those who require any professional services, you have to only engage in forum discussion.


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