watch_later 04/01/18

I am taking loan from Bank of baroda of Rs. 11 Lac under Mukhyamantri Yuva Udyami Yojana. I have to submit Project report for the same, Bank is treating it as Composite term loan (i.e. Working capital + Term loan). Please guide how to show this composite term loan in Project report? and how to calculate interest on this loan? Interest rate is 11% and tenure is 7 years, whether the same repayment schedule is there for term loan and working capital loan?

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watch_later 05/01/18

I have uploaded a project report.

You can use it for both term loan and working capital loan.

Working capital loan, you do not have repayments if it is in form of a overdraft/cash credit facility.

You can use same format for your composite loan.

Charge interest and repayment for term loan and only interest for working capital loan.


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