watch_later 17/08/18

Dear Sir,

Kindly suggest we have received a input bill from a trader for purchasing a material from them as per Bill- ("Sagar Traders) but as per GSTN No. Inscribed in the Bill is not matching with the GSTIN No., as per GSTN Details it is tracable as Legal Name of Business: Person Name, while it's constitution of business is 'Proprietorship'.

Is the Billing Correct can we avail Input.............?


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watch_later 19/08/18

If you have invoice with GST number of your and seller then you can avail input credit. Please also check that credit is appearing in GSTR-2 form (to confirm seller has correctly filed details).

In some cases you may not see tradename as many businesses get registered just with legal name. If legal name is correct you can avail credit.


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