watch_later 04/05/18

If  Mr x has bought goods of 20000 from Mr Y and Mr. Y sent Bill to Mr X for Rs 20000 but goods sent to Mr. Z, as per Mr X instructions. And Mr Z processed the goods and sent the finished goods to Mr X and he sent a job work Bill of 3000 to Mr X . How can we pass the entry in tally ?

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watch_later 05/05/18

You should pass entry in Tally as below:

For Purchase of Goods entry will be

Purchase A/c Dr. - 20000

Mr. Y A.c Cr.        - 20000

For job work expenses:

Job work charges Dr. - 3000

Mr. Z A/c Cr.               - 3000

To keep a check on stocks in hands, you can also pass one entry as:

Stock at job worker A/c - 20000

Stock in hand A/c          - 20000

This entry can be posted as stock voucher.


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