watch_later 10/12/18

Dear  All,

Kindly suggest one query........................?

We are manufacturing and supplying of concrete railway sleepers to parties with a definite of HSN code.

We are now transfering some raw materials to our associate plant under a proper gst tax invoice, It has different HSN code, do we require to amend core field by adding the hsn code, as if we file gstr-1 we need to fill in the data of tax invoice as per hsn code wise summary details.

Please suggest.

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watch_later 11/12/18

You can add HSN by amending core field of Registration now or later, 

Although your associates plant will be required to report this transaction in Sl. No.5D of Form GSTR-9C Audit (Deemed Supply under Schedule I). in next Audit for FY 2018-19 if turnover exceeds Rs 2cr.


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