watch_later 23/10/17

Dear Sir,

We have forgot to take a input GST @ 18% charged for Internet Data card invoiced with-in july, 2017 but we have already filed the GSTR-3B excluding this bill, but later when we viewed the GSTR-2A of July, 2017  we found that this Invoice as been filed by the party i.e. auto populated, if we file GSTR- 2 according to it will any problem appear  ?

As accordingly it is an unavailed input tax credit which is not being included while filing GSTR-3B of july, 2017. same case also while filing of GSTR-3B for August, 2017.

Please advice how can it be adjusted...................?

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watch_later 23/10/17

You can avail input credit now if it was not claimed in GSTR-3B.

Accept GSTR2A and you will get the input credit.

You can utilise this input credit in your next returns.

Electronic input ledger at GST portal is not month wise it is continuously running ledger and balance can be utilised any month at the time of filing return. 


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