watch_later 15/01/18

It seems Aadhar is not working.

I have a DSC agency and trying to issue DSC with Aadhar based OTP.

I am getting this error, is there any specific reason Aadhar is not accessible?

This current government seems to have lost its mind. Neither GST nor Aadhar is working properly.

Is Modi updated about actual problems we financial professional are facing or it is only hawabazi?

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watch_later 15/01/18

Aadhar verification facility is disabled for security reasons and it is not working for anyone as of now.

You need to wait till security is restored or Aadhar data is made more secure.

I agree if all of a sudden these facilities are stopped, people do face inconvenience. Aadhar has serious security loop holes and technical team is working on it.

The current service error is due to a recent case of data breach by selling Aadhar data credentials.


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