watch_later 08/10/17

For the first time indirect tax and to be more specific vat is being implemented in UAE.

For various reasons Indians are the top service provider in UAE.

What benefits VAT in UAE will have for Indian professional? What services Indian chartered accountants can target for VAT in UAE?

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watch_later 08/10/17

VAT in Dubai/UAE is a very good opportunity for Indian professionals. We Indian chartered accountant have already handled various type of indirect taxes in India. So conceptually it is not a rocket science for us.

Professionally I believe a new door of opportunity has opened for Indian chartered accountants.

CA's can provide following services to business in Dubai/UAE:

  • VAT registration
  • Accounting
  • Tax management
  • Returns filing
  • Documentation and information compliance
  • compliance services

We can share our expertise in this topic with UAE businesses and help them to migrate to newly implemented VAT laws.


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