watch_later 20/02/18

Dear Sir,

We are unable to submit the "GSTR 3B Return" since it is showing an error.

Please help us so that we can submit the "GSTR 3B Return".

"Some error occurred, Please save GSTR 3B form again"

Shall be highly obliged if you could kindly help us on an immediate basis as today is the last day of submission.

I am available @ 9883500044 - Gopal



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watch_later 20/02/18

This is server error.

Save your return. Logout and check status after some time.

This normally gets solved automatically. This error may be due to GST server as usual is busy on last due date of filing return.

watch_later 20/02/18

You are getting issues because server is not able to take the existing load. Today is the last date for file return for month of Jan 2018 and many people are trying to file at a time.

You need to wait for some time. Meanwhile do as suggested in previous answer.


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