watch_later 07/03/21

We are updating the site. Users may face some glitches while update is being completed.

We request to report any changes or issues you face anytime on the site.

Changes made in site are:

  1. Site speed
  2. Forum (QA) is remade

These are initial changes we have made. Major changes will be implemented once site is completely restored on latest technology.

Please note: No issue found in any of paid products.

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watch_later 07/03/21

New posts and replies to new posts still have errors.

Replying to old posts is not an issue. I believe it is with respect to updating posts on watson search table.

Will check and debug issue.

watch_later 07/03/21

Following issues are reported:

  1. Error page after posting New Topic (though topic getting posted) and same with reply
  2. Not able to login with gmail (normal login is working)

We are working on issues and these should be resolved by today day end.

watch_later 07/03/21

Login with Gmail issues is solved. However we are still testing this issue and another few hours are required before complete restoring this particular function.

Issue is with new posts and replies to new posts only. Old posts and replies on them is working fine.

watch_later 07/03/21

I can confirm Login with Gmail issue is resolved. Further I have replied on one topic and did not get any error.

Need to try posting a new topic to check error on new posts.

watch_later 08/03/21

We have solved the issue of login with Gmail and also now you can post new topics and replies,

Issues were related to changes in technologies.

Now the site is faster and we hope to bring more changes to make your experience better on site.

watch_later 08/03/21

Site is working fine now.

I really liked the new forum design.

Adding a topic and replying is very user friendly now.

Hope to see more such changes and establish knowyourgst as top platform for tax and accounting professionals.

watch_later 09/03/21

Wow!!! Just love this new look of forum.

I hope everyone will be back on forum for discussions.

This new UI is ultimate.

watch_later 09/03/21

Just few suggestions if these can be implemented.

Reply box be on bottom if possible and so can copy and paste any line for quote.

Mobile phone menu are not working properly. Need to fix them, basically saying that it should work as an application on mobile and site on computer.

watch_later 14/03/21

Wow, now site is working really well.

Best thing is homepage design of forum. Any activity in any topic is highlighted to track changes in each thread.

Loving it whats more in store?

watch_later 14/03/21

Yes the biggest change is topic following.

IF you read a topic for more a minute, it is added to your followed list and any changes to topic is shown in your homepage.

It is now easy to keep a track of any new replies to forum topics.

Further for any topic that user follow, clicking on link will direct to unread replies.


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