watch_later 12/12/17

ARN is approved on 23/11/2017 and GST approved on 29/11/2017

So far we haven't got any mail or password. for it

We called GST help desk they told as to contact jurisdiction office, when we called him he was saying as to resent that with TRN number. we tried almost  3 times but we got notification though mobile but not through Email.


We are still waiting for login credentials and badly in need of our certificate to get downloaded.

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watch_later 14/12/17

You can reset your login id and password with TRN. That is the standard procedure.

If you did not get notification that could be temporary server issue at GST portal.

Try when servers are free. The idol time to use GST portal is before 9AM and after 7PM when most of the offices are closed.

Please do let us know if you problem is solved and how it got solved. It may help others.

watch_later 13/04/18

I have Applied for GST Practitioner on 08/04/2018 vide ARN AA090418029919L.Which is showing Approved but no login credentials received on email and Sms.I have make complaint on complaint portal but no satisfactory response received.I have visited to department also.They are saying this is not their fault.

I do not know what to do. ?

Please Suggest Me.


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