watch_later 08/10/17

So Indira Gandhi could not deal with it.

Corruption is a reality and everyone is troubled by it. Those who have money can do anything in India.

Kill someone in rash driving or drunk driving and court orders you free.

Corruption is like a cancer spread in this country.

Do we Indians have an civic sense or responsibility? Why do we tolerate corruption. We have one of the most powerful government in center but it is unable to control corruption.

Corruption is a big problem, no doubt in it.

But why do we have corruption in India?

Is it because of education? I feel no, a state like Kerala has 99% literacy rate still it is highly corrupted.

All IAS officers are highly educated and trained, even then they are most corrupted.

Our ministers are educated but they are leaders in black money.

Why do we have corruption? May it be Income Tax department or any other department, corruption seems to be main reason people want to join government jobs.

I am opening the debate with following questions:

  1. Why corruption?
  2. How it can be controlled?
  3. Which is the most corrupted state in India and what is the reason for this?
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