watch_later 18/08/18


A -firm (Trader)

B- Accounting Firm

B by mistake uploaded a wrong bill( party name 'R')of 'R' to firm 'A'. Now ,in downloaded GSTR2 of A , showing the input of Firm'R'.

A) Have any action, from the part of A' to rectification. They are are not accepted this input.

B) How to rectify these mistake in the books/accounts of 'A'

These mistakes are in the financial year 2017-18. How to correct it, current month?

All are 44ab tax audit firm, so audit of all firms are not completed. Kindly give question wise answers.....

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watch_later 19/08/18

Here nothing is required from Firm A to be done.

Firm A should not accept this invoice, as of now Form 2 filing is not applicable.

Further firm B should amend the Invoice details in their GSTR-1 of any month to be filed.

Input correct invoice details and change GST number in amendment.


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